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Leticia F. Park, Owner & Interior Designer

Leticia received her certificate from Arizona Institute of Interior Design in Fountain Hills, Arizona.

She believes in creating spaces that intrigue the eye, bring joy to her clients and leave the feeling of warmth and happiness. She focuses on spatial planning, furniture and fabrics selection, flooring, wall finishes, kitchen and bathroom design, window treatments, and lighting.

Being the creative and talented individual she is, her artistic eye will guarantee you an elegant and elevated design.


Interior Design

We believe in getting to know our clients and their style likes and dislikes. Based upon these preferences, we will tailor an elevated design specifically for you, focusing on spatial planning, color schemes, furnishings, artwork, lighting, symmetry and balance.

Interior Design Consulting

Minding your budget, we offer guidance with furniture selections, layouts, materials, paint, architectural elements and more to tell your story about your space. 

Exterior Design

Nothing is more gratifying than a welcoming, finished, well-appointed living space that blends personal style with colors, lines and textures in a way that says "this is me." Just as important is the exterior design of your home - the details, dimension and contrast of your exterior reflect your personal style too. 

Simply Updating

Need some help with new and fresh design ideas? A few simple changes can elevate your design. New paint, wallpaper, updated window treatments, new lighting. We can help you elevate your design!

Design Tips

Fashion color trends translated into Interior Design!

Try the hottest new fashion trending colors with your furniture! Why not swap out that old boring beige chair with new fabric that screams rich, vibrant and simply fabulous!

Design Trends Dominating 2019

Take a look at some of the hot new design Trends for 2019! From Earthy Tones to Ethnic Motifs to Bold Wallpapers. One things for sure, 2019 will not be boring! 


Statement Ceilings

A statement ceiling, whether it be paint, wallpaper or wood, can be the perfect way to create a focal point, emphasize and add color, or to instill a sense of the extraordinary in an otherwise completely ordinary space. 

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